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June 08, 2008


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Maureen Lee

Thank you for your insightful words on what it's like, as a mom of an autistic child, to face the challenge of staying present in the moment.

When everything around you is in a state of chaos, it's "all a big chipped toenail."

Your writing is wonderful, and even though I am not a mother of a special needs child (my 8-yr-old nephew has autism, but it's not the same thing), you pulled your readers into your world and allowed us to see the reality of struggling, daily, for precious 'alone' time.

Maureen Lee

jenny culver hill

i relate to your issue of everdayness being difficult to manage. i'll share something with you that helps me. if i even get to do my tai chi warm up exercises, i consider myself to have done something towards reaching my goal of daily practice. for you that might mean breathing deeply in the present and letting that be your connection to the no thought zone.(also known as happy place)
baby steps work for us too mom. love, jen

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