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May 21, 2008


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Mom of recovered child age 13 did not start protocol until 10 it's never to late

Wrestinling with injustice is always hard. Figuring out life is doubly hard. We meet people who have it all; we meet people who have nothing. Same with autism. Why does it even exist and why now. We have to double up our faith and believe that God is there to help us even through the worst of times. I get angry, fustrated and always want to do more for my daughter to completely heal. Its totally not even fair that our kids are affected by autism. I don't think there is a pain that runs any deeper than your own child's life and future is at stake. I encourage her everyday that she can be anything she wants to be in her life. No limits. Use your abilities. I pray everyday that I can say or do something that will help to increase another persons faith. And make someone's life a little easier. I also pray that not another child has to afflicted with autism. Have a blessed day (comment edited for legnth)


Thank you for your blessings.

We all need to figure out our truth related to vaccines. The "Green Our Vaccines" rally happened this week. Go Jenny & Jim! My husband attended the rally in Washington DC and said it was the most spiritually fulfilling use of time since our daughter's diagnosis. God bless America where we can all have an opinion!!!

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